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Welcome to 12fd.gr

DODECANESE FLYING DOLPHINS or 12fd.gr is the brand name for all the operations within the Dodecanese Islands and Turkish Coast of Phoenix Marin Ltd a Rhodes Based company offering fast ferry operation, management and agency since 1997.
Our company operates 2 Hydrofoils in the daily routes Fethiye – Rhodes – Fethiye and Rhodes – Fethiye – Rhodes.
We are your one stop agency for Fethiye (Turkey) and Rhodes (Greece).



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Why choose 12fd?

Dodecanese Flying Dolphins is one of the pioneer companies

which operate fast hydrofoils or “Flying Dolphins”.

A few word about our “Flying Dolphins”
12FD’s Hydrofoils are Safer than other traditional ships , always incorporating the latest technology ahead of its field. Well established sister operations already sail the Coastal Areas of Italy , France the Eastern Adriatic , Russia , Cuba and South Africa.
In the last decades shipping routes in Athens and Saronic Islands have been dominated by these fast and efficient flying dolphins.
Our fast and environmentally friendly hydrofoils feature:

DODECANESE FLYING DOLPHINS or 12fd.gr owns and operates 3 High Speed Hydrofoils in the route between Fethiye and Rhodes as well as Rhodes to Fethiye .
12fd.gr is the only Hydrofoil Operator in the region engaged in the sea and coastal passenger water transport .


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Dodecanese Flying Dolphins is committed to offer you its passenger water transport services in SPEED , SAFETY and COMFORT:


Our fast hydrofoils keep an operative speed of 31 knots and guarantee the fastest voyage in the route between Fethiye and Rhodes in Just 90 minutes.


All our seats are Air Type base and our vessels during take off or voyage are using advance technology which controls all motions and passengers have a pleasant and comfortable trip.


Our vesses are Classed and Supervised as far as their statutory status by International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB) . INSB is top medium performing class and RO acting for the inspection of the vessels with negative excess factor which means all vessels inspected and classed under INSB  such as our hydrofoils FLYING POSEIDON & AEGEAN PRINCE are getting positive points from the Paris MOU regime.


Both our hydrofoils are insured under A+ Rated LLOYD’S of LONDON Marine Syndicates which is the World’s Specialist Insurance Market . Our Protection and Indemnity is 500,000,000 US.

So when you think of traveling between Fethiye and Rhodes or Rhodes and Fethiye think no other!

Dodecanese Flying Dolphins – SPEED | SAFETY | COMFORT

Our Tripadvisor reviews

  •   Yesterday me and my wife did the trip from Rhodes to Feithye. Trip was supposed to take 1 hour 30 mins. The engines broke and we literally went a small pace across the ocean into a storm with the trip taking 6 hours and 30...More

    thumb Ryan_wba

      We travelled from Rhodes to Fethiye with one of their hydrofoils. It was rather comfortable trip but I’m not sure how the ship behaves in worse sea conditions. It has nice open air area in the back of the ship so that you can also...More

    thumb Öner S

      Best agency! Great staff, beautiful tour. Fast (45 min) and Punctual. Good cost-benefit. Better than Bodrum Express Lines (another agency).

    thumb Carina B
  •   During our stay in Greece me and my gilfriend traveled from Rhodes to Fethiye on the 29/6/2018 at 16:30. Along the way the sea was rough and crew informed us that the ferry will reduce speed for safety reasons. The Captain informed us that due...More

    thumb Georg P

      I traveled with Aegean Prince on 20 March to Fethiye , the crew was very helpfully , inside was renovated and very clean , it was very calm travel. It's sure that I will travel again with the Hydrofil

    thumb ebrukotsa

      My experience with this company and it’s ships was absolutely outstanding ! The quality of the interior and exterior for the ships according to the helpful crew and the stuff in he check was perfectly synchronized ! The price of the ticket is good !...More

    thumb GIANNIS R