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Agean Prince


Kometa is the first Soviet sea-going hydrofoil. She was a very popular transportation means in Black and Medditeranian Seas in several last decades. Full-load displacement 59.5 tons, speed 32 knots, passengers 106-120, range 240 n.m.

Our hydrofoil is trading between the Islands of Rhodes – Kos and Symi to the Turkish Ports of Bodrum and Fethiye .

DSC AEGEAN PRINCE is a fast and environmentally-friendly hydrofoil features:

  • Full bar service 
  • Stabilizer sailing to make your trip more comfortable 
  • Futuristic electronic navigation instruments plus twin full-powered MTU engines for your safety 
  • Solid and strong Aluminum alloy construction (an airplane stereotype)

KOMETA TYPE HYDROFOIL SHIPS  are safer than other traditional ships , always incorporating the latest technology ahead of its field . Well established sister operations already sail the coastal areas of ITALY , FRANCE the EASTERN ADRIATIC , RUSSIA , CUBA , THAILAND , VIETNAM and SOUTH AFRICA .

In the last decades shipping routes of the Saronic Islands have been dominated by these fast and efficient  “Flying Dolphins” .

Flag Togo
Build Place Ukraine
Type High Speed Passenger Ship
Knot 31 knots
Length 30 m
Width 11,2 m
Passenger Capacity 125
Certificates Issued INSB Adriatic
Imo No 8136659
Call Sign 5VFG8

Flying Poseidon